Three ways to record your live stream from a camera

Ozolio's service provides a unique opportunity to record your live stream with multiple recorders and various recording modes without interfering with your live feed. You can record your live stream manually or schedule a daily recording session with the option to record with all three recording versions.

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend that you use a Timelapse recorder for cameras with PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) control enabled. This type of recording requires 80% of objects to stay still. If the PTZ control is enabled for your camera, please consider using a different type of recording or instruct your recorder to lock control during the recording session. (See examples below)

  • 'Slideshow Recorder' allows you to record a series of frames during a long period of time and convert these frames into a slow-motion slideshow. See the following article to learn How to add and configure 'Slideshow Recorder.'
  •  'Video Recorder allows you to record up to 1 hour of a raw video stream. To record more than 1 hour of video, please use multiple video recorders scheduled sequentially.  See the following article to learn How to add and configure 'Video Recorder.'


Click the 'Play' button and 'Select Channel' to see examples of various recordings. 


For more information about the utilization of recordings, please review the following article:

How to utilize the recorded media content.



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