How to add and configure 'Video Recorder'.

'Video Recorder' allows you to record live video 24/7.

Before adding the recorder please check 'Video Recording' pre-requisites and requirements. If 'Video Recording' feature is enabled and your camera meets all requirements, follow the steps below to add and configure the recorder:


  • Click the Blue ' +ADD RECORDER ' button on the top right-hand side of the page.


  • In the opened dialog:
    • Enter 'Recorder Name' (for internal purposes only).
    • Select 'Recorder Type' - 'Video'.
    • Press "ADD RECORDER".


  • In the recorder settings dialog: 
    • Select 'Recorder Mode'.
      • 'Manual' mode allows you to start/stop the recording manually.
      • 'Schedule' mode allows you to schedule recording session(s).
    • In 'Target Camera', select camera you wish to record.
  • If you have selected 'Schedule' mode:
    • Select 'Start Time' and 'Duration' of the video recording.
    • If you wish to restrict date-range, select a 'Start Date' and 'Stop Date'.


  • If you wish to prevent your viewers from controlling the camera during the recording session:
    • Expand 'Advanced Options'.
    • Check 'Lock Control'.
    • Optionally, specify name of preset position. The recorder will move the camera to this position automatically.
  • Make sure that recorder configuration is correct and check 'RECORDER ENABLED'.
  • Scroll down and press 'SAVE CHANGES', and go back to 'RECORDERS'.


In 'Manual' mode you can start recording immediately by using 'ACTIONS' menu or recording toolbar.


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