Advanced schedule and content rotation

You can take your Media Channel one step further and schedule when your media rotation is active and when. This can be helpful when there is a specific date of when you want your media promotion to end, or when you want other content to replace your live feed.


The activity and visibility of any media feed depend on the following factors:

  • Feed Type

By selecting one of the following types, you are defining a primary behavior of the media feed:

    • Replace the main feed with this feed.

This feed will replace the camera live feed permanently or per a specified schedule.

    • Show this feed when the camera is offline.

This feed will replace the camera live feed when the camera is offline and according to a specified schedule.

    • Rotate this feed with the main feed.

This feed will be rotated with the main feed on each player load. Each new viewer will see either the main camera feed or this feed.

    • Add this feed into the channel selector.

This feed will be added to the Ozolio player's channel selector. Your viewers will be able to select this content in the right-hand corner and toggle back and forth between this and the actual live feed. 

    • Show this feed before the main feed.

This feed will be played before the main camera feed. You can add a camera introduction or advertisement content.

  • Advanced Schedule

You can schedule any media feed activity for a particular date, time, or day of the week. 

It is important to understand that Ozolio's service combines scheduled restrictions with behavior defined by a 'Feed Type'. For example: If you've configured a more offline and scheduled this offline for Monday only, then your viewers will see this feed only if the camera is offline on Monday.

  • Rotation Rules

You can add multiple media feeds with the same type and same schedule. In this case:

    • All active feeds with the "Add this feed into channel selector" type will be added to the channel selector.
    • All active feeds with other types will be added into internal rotation lists under their types. For example, if you have scheduled two advertisement feeds for the same period of time, each new viewer will see Ad #1 or Ad #2.


For more information about Media Channel configuration, please review the following article: 

How to configure a camera Media Channel.




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