How to configure a camera Media Channel

The Ozolio Media Channel allows you to add multiple feeds into your Ozolio Player. You can schedule and define the feeds' behavior using various content types, like ad-rolls, static ad or video promotion, and pre-recordings collected from your Video Recorder.

With this feature, you can:

  • Add video or image advertisement pre-rolls and show them under your schedule.

How to add a video or image advertisement.

  • Replace an offline camera with a video, image, another camera, or the latest timelapse recording.

How to add an offline replacer for your camera.

  • Rotate multiple feeds within the same player. Every new viewer can view different content.

How to replace a live feed with other content.

  • Add media feeds into the channel menu and let your viewers choose content that they like.

How to add content to the Media Channel menu.


For more information about scheduling a media activity, please review the following article:

Advanced schedule and content rotation.


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