How to add a video or image advertisement

Once you have enabled your Media Channel, it's time to add content into its rotation. This is beneficial to advertise, promote or share visual information you want your viewers to see.


To add video or image advertisement to your webcam, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your profile at
  • Open CAMERAS and find the camera you wish to configure.
  • Open 'Actions' (link in the right column):


  • Scroll down and expand the 'Edit media channel' section.
  • Please ensure the 'Media Channel' is enabled by selecting the box.
  • Press "ADD FEED".


In the opened feed settings panel:  

  • Check the 'Feed Enabled' checkbox.
  • Enter the 'Feed Name' (the name will be used in the Dashboard UI only).
  • Click the 'Feed Type' drop-down menu and select 'Show this feed before main feed'.
  • Click the 'Content-Type' drop-down menu and select 'Video' or 'Image' (depending on your file type).
  • Press 'SELECT VIDEO' (or 'SELECT IMAGE') select an existing file or upload a new one.

IMPORTANT: 'Video' feeds accept only MPEG-4 (MP4) video files with h264 video encoding and AAC audio encoding. The current size limit for the video file is 5 GB.  'Image' feeds accept JPEG and PNG image files only.

  • For the 'Image' feed, enter the 'Duration' in seconds. 
  • For the 'Video' feed,  leave the 'Duration' field empty.
  • Enter the 'Skip Time' in seconds to allow your viewers to skip the advertisement after the specified amount of time has run.
  • Enter the 'Click URL' if you wish to redirect your viewers to another web page when they click on the advertisement.
  • Scroll down and press 'SAVE CHANGES'.

IMPORTANT: It takes up to 5 min for the Ozolio service to process and cache the new feed's content. If after 5 min the Ozolio player still does not show your new advertisement before live stream, check the feed settings and format of your video/image file.

For more information about scheduling a media activity, please review the following article:

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For more information about Media Channel configuration, please review the following article: 

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If you have completed the procedure above and still do not see a feed content, please contact

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