How to add a video or image advertisement

To add video or image advertisement to your webcam, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your profile at
  • Open CAMERAS and find the camera you wish to configure.
  • Open 'Actions' (link in the right column):


  • Scroll down and expand the 'Edit media channel' section.
  • Please ensure the 'Media Channel' is enabled by selecting the box.
  • Press "ADD FEED".


In the opened feed settings panel:  

  • Check the 'Feed Enabled' checkbox.
  • Enter the 'Feed Name' (the name will be used in the Dashboard UI only).
  • Click the 'Feed Type' drop-down menu and select 'Show this feed before main feed'.
  • Click the 'Content-Type' drop-down menu and select 'Video' or 'Image' (depending on your file type).
  • Press 'SELECT VIDEO' (or 'SELECT IMAGE') select an existing file or upload a new one.

IMPORTANT: 'Video' feeds accept only MPEG-4 (MP4) video files with h264 video encoding and AAC audio encoding. The current size limit for the video file is 100 Mb.  'Image' feeds accept JPEG and PNG image files only.

  • For the 'Image' feed, enter the 'Duration' in seconds. 
  • For the 'Video' feed,  leave the 'Duration' field empty.
  • Enter the 'Skip Time' in seconds to allow your viewers to skip the advertisement after the specified amount of time has run.
  • Enter the 'Click URL' if you wish to redirect your viewers to another web page when they click on the advertisement.
  • Scroll down and press 'SAVE CHANGES'.

IMPORTANT: It takes up to 5 min for the Ozolio service to process and cache the new feed's content. If after 5 min the Ozolio player still does not show your new advertisement before live stream, check the feed settings and format of your video/image file.

For more information about scheduling a media activity, please review the following article:

Advanced schedule and content rotation.

For more information about Media Channel configuration, please review the following article: 

How to configure a camera Media Channel.


If you have completed the procedure above and still do not see a feed content, please contact

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