How to run statistic reports in the Ozolio Dashboard

Want to know what kind of engagement your webcam is getting? You can run your statistic reports daily, weekly, monthly, or the past year. You will be able to review metrics by date/time and how many viewers have clicked on your webcam. Statistic reports track your live feed and static content (Media Channel) engagement giving you real-time results.



The report can be customized as follows:

1. Select Cam - Select individual cameras or all cameras if you have more than one camera.

2. Select Date Range - Select a preset date range or a specific date range.

  • After setting the parameters for the report, click the blue 'Generate Report' button.


  • The report will provide you with a summary of total view time, total visitors, and total unique visitors for: Live Content, Static Content, and a Summary (Live + Static Content).



  • To view specific Media Channel feed reports, select the tab 'Static Content'. 
    • In the field 'Filter by feed:' select the feed from the drop-down menu.
    • This will display reports for ONLY the feed selected. 



*Please note, you can currently only run reports for date ranges within a year before the current date.

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