How do I add the social media video sharing feature to my website?

What is the social media video sharing feature?

Ozolio offers customers the ability to add a custom social media video sharing toolbar to encourage viewers to share your webcam via social media. To implement the Ozolio social media sharing feature into a webpage, you will need to create embed code in the Ozolio client dashboard. The embed code is then copied from the client dashboard and added to your website code. Most customers embed the social media toolbar code near the webcam player embed code, so the toolbar displays near the webcam player.

Is there an additional monthly fee for the social media sharing feature?

No, we do not charge any extra fees for the social media sharing feature.

How do I generate embed code for the social media sharing buttons?

  • Navigate to:
  • Login to the client dashboard with your username and password. If you forgot your password, or need to reset it, follow our Help Center instructions here.
  • In the dashboard, click “CAMERAS”.
  • Find the camera that you would like to add the social media feature to and under “Tools”, click “Sharing”.

  • The “Sharing Toolbar Generator” window is where you can modify any of the settings which will affect the social media sharing buttons and therefore the embed code:
    • Orientation: Choose either Vertical or Horizontal.
    • Dimensions: Adjust the size of the toolbar.
    • Facebook / Twitter / Google+ / Email Sharing Settings:
      • Check the box to enable sharing on any of these four social media platforms. Enabling sharing will include our default icon for each platform.
      • Icon image: Leave this field empty to use our default social media icon for each platform, or use the gray “Upload” button to upload and use a custom icon.
    • Title and Description (Facebook and Google+ only): Add a custom title and description, which will display in the “share” window for each platform. The screenshot below illustrates the title and description used on one of our beach cams in a Facebook share.

    • Tweet message: For Twitter, you can also add %link% and %img_src% to your tweet message to include links to your webcam and to the camera snapshot, respectively. The screenshot below illustrates a tweet using both snippets above.

    • Email: Add default text to display in the email subject and email body.
  • Once you have set your sharing toolbar settings, click the gray “Apply” button at the bottom of the “Sharing Toolbar Generator” screen to generate the embed code.
  • The new code will generate in the gray embed code box at the bottom of the page.
  • Copy this new embed code and paste it in your website to integrate the Ozolio social media video sharing toolbar into your website.

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