How do I change a camera IP address or port?

After changing an external IP address or connection port of your camera please follow the steps below to change the IP address under the Ozolio Dashboard:

  • Log in to your profile at
  • Open CAMERAS and find the camera you wish to adjust.
  • Open the camera settings (link at the right column):


  • Expand 'General Settings' section.
  • Enter the new IP address into 'Camera Host' field.
  • If you've changed the HTTP port:
    • Expand Advanced Options
    • Enter the new port into "HTTP Port" field.
  • If you've changed the stream port (RTSP):
    • Expand Video Streaming > Advanced Options.
    • Enter the new RTSP port into "Stream Port" field.
  • Scroll down and press "Save Changes".

If Ozolio still can not connect to your camera please contact

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