How to generate a legacy embed code

What is embed code?
To embed the Ozolio player into a webpage, you will need to generate embed code in the Ozolio client dashboard. The embed code is then copied from the client dashboard and added to your website page where you intend to implement the webcam player.

If you desire to embed your camera in more than one URL, Ozolio’s embed code generator allows you to create a unique embed code specific to each URL. It is important to note the embed code does not affect the live stream itself. It offers the opportunity to customize and brand the Ozolio video player to specifically meet each URL's needs.

How do I generate embed code?

  • Navigate to:
  • In the dashboard, click 'CAMERAS.'
  • Find the camera that you would like to generate embed code for, and under 'ACTIONS,' click 'Legacy embedding.'


  • The 'Viewer' window is where you can modify any of the settings which will affect the player and, therefore, the embed code:
    • Upload your logo using the gray 'Upload' button.
    • In the 'Link' field, you can enter a URL that viewers will be directed to if they click on the logo.
    • Position adjusts how far into the player the logo will be placed.
    • Opacity can be adjusted to make the logo more or less transparent.
    • Size can be adjusted to decrease the logo size if you upload a logo that may be too large.
    • Anchors affect the relative corner in which the logo will be placed.
    • Embedding Method: Choose either Holder or iFrame.
    • Mode: Here, you can disable control features entirely and disable the toolbar and captions that appear at the bottom of the player
    • Size: Adjust the size of the player
    • Controls: Allow specified controls only
    • Overlay: With this feature, you can brand the video player by adding your logo to it. For more on this, see How to add a call to action overlay to the player.
    • Home: The home button in the player's bottom right can be customized to take your viewers back to your home page if they click on the icon.
    • Name: The camera name will display in the toolbar at the bottom of the player. You can choose to show the default camera name or customize the camera name.
    • Description: The description will display in the toolbar at the bottom of the player and display alternately with the camera name.
    • Channel: If you desire to include any pre-loader ads (images or videos), you will need to enable the media channel.
  • Once you have set your player settings, click the gray 'Apply' button at the bottom of the 'Viewer' screen to generate the embed code.
  • The new code will generate in the gray 'Embed Code' box at the bottom of the page.
  • Copy this new embed code and paste it on your website to integrate the Ozolio player into your website.




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