How to publish a Live Event to Facebook

Before publishing a Live Event to Facebook for the first time:

- Check the 'Event Publishing' prerequisites and requirements.

- If you want to publish a Live Event to a Facebook Page you manage, make sure the Facebook Page meets all Facebook Requirements:

  • The "Publishing Tools" tab should be available on the Facebook Page menu.

  • If your Facebook Page is listed as a Business Page, the Page should be verified.

           Facebook Help

           Facebook Business Help Community

  • Open 'Page > Settings > Page Roles' and make sure you have at the minimum an 'Editor' role.


IMPORTANT: This rule also applies to Business Manager profiles.  

  • There is a known bug within the Facebook Live API that prevents automatic publishing of Live Events to pages linked to Facebook Business Manager. If your Facebook Page is linked to Facebook Business Manager, please use Publishing Method #2.


Publishing Method #1: 

  • Log in to your profile at
  • Click on 'PUBLISHERS' at the top of the screen in the Ozolio Dashboard.


  • Click on ' + ADD PUBLISHER '. 


  • In the next dialogue, enter the 'Publisher Name'. This is the name that will appear as the title of the Live Event.
  • In the 'Default Provider,' select Facebook from the drop-down menu.
  • In 'Owner Account,' select your account name.
  • In 'Default Camera', select the camera of the location you want to stream live.
  • Click on the blue button 'ADD PUBLISHER' once all fields are filled out.
  • Your Publisher will appear on the following screen. 
  • To start broadcasting Live, click on 'START BROADCAST.'


  • On the next screen, click 'NEXT'.
  • Enter the amount of time you would like the live stream to run for, then click the blue button 'NEXT'. By clicking 'NEXT'. A Facebook pop-up should appear with the next prompt.
  • There will be a drop-down menu in the pop-up that allows you to choose where to post from.
  • Select 'Share on a Page You Manage' and confirm that it is the correct account.
  • Then click 'Next', which will prompt the pop-up to close.



  • A screen will appear on the Ozolio dashboard, letting you know that the live event is ready for publishing. Click 'GO LIVE >'.
  • This will prompt another Facebook pop-up to appear to show your live stream on the screen's left side and options for posting on the right side.
  • Add a caption in the provided space. 'Say something about this live video...'
  • Click on the location tag below the caption space and the right of the 'smiley' face to tag your camera's location. 
  • Add the title to your live broadcast (optional).
  • Add Tags to help users find your Live Event (e.g., anyone who searches the tag "resort" could be led to your live stream via that tag).
  • Once all fields are filled out, click the blue button 'Go Live' at the screen's bottom. The pop-up will close, and the live stream will start.


  • To double-check that the Live Event has been published, open your Facebook Timeline or Facebook Page, and look for the 'LIVE' icon at the left of your Facebook screen. 
  • When the Live Event finishes, the 'LIVE' icon will disappear. You can find all of your Live Event streams saved in the 'Videos' tab. 

IMPORTANT: Facebook also provides an option to 'Schedule Live.' Please do not use this option because Ozolio starts the live event immediately.


Publishing Method #2:


IMPORTANT: This method is recommended only as a workaround for Facebook Pages linked to Facebook Business Manager. Otherwise, we recommend using a more simple method (Method #1).

  • Log in to your Facebook account or Facebook Business Manager account.
  • Open the target Page and find 'Publishing Tools' in the top menu.




  • Open 'Publishing Tools > Video Library' and press '+Live'.




  • Facebook will open the following dialog for you. Keep this dialog open for a while.




  • Open a new browser tab or window.
  • Log in to your profile at
  • Open CAMERAS and find the camera that you wish to publish.
  • Click on the 'Publisher' tabs on the top of your page.


  • Expand the 'Event Publishing' section.
  • In the 'Target Service,' select 'Multiple Services.'
  • Adjust 'Time Limit'. Facebook does not allow Live Events that exceed 4 hours.
  • Press 'Add Target URL'. A new input box will appear under the Target URLs label.
  • Go to Facebook dialog and copy the 'Stream URL' into the clipboard.

         NOTE: Make sure you've selected the full URL string before copying it into the clipboard.

  • Go back to camera settings and paste the 'Stream URL' into the Target URL's input box.
  • Press 'Create Live Event.'




  • Once Ozolio confirmed that the Event was successfully started, go to Facebook dialog and press 'Next.'




  • In the next Facebook dialog, enter video title and tags (optional) and press 'Go Live.'



IMPORTANT: Facebook also provides an option to 'Schedule Live.' Please do not use this option because Ozolio starts the live event immediately.

  • Open your Facebook Page and verify that your Live Event has been published.


If you did not succeed with either of the methods above, please see "Troubleshooting of Facebook Live problems."




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