Supported formats, protocols and cameras

Video formats / Transport protocols:

Before adding your camera to Ozolio Cloud, please ensure your camera supports at least one of the following formats.

  • Motion JPEG (MJPEG) video / HTTP(S) transport protocol

MJPEG is not the preferred format to deliver a live stream; however, we can utilize this format, along with the other streaming methods, to provide several useful features such as pre-loading images, snapshots, thumbnails, and timelapses.

IMPORTANT: If your camera supports MJPEG, we strongly recommend enabling 'Motion JPEG' in the Ozolio Dashboard along with the other supported streaming methods. 

  • H.264 video & AAC audio / RTSP transport protocol.

RTSP is the preferred and superior format to deliver a live video from your camera to Ozolio Cloud. With RTSP, Ozolio Cloud makes a passive connection to the camera only when necessary. If there is no activity for a certain period of time, Ozolio Cloud will terminate the connection to save your outbound bandwidth and internet resources.

  • H.264 video & AAC audio / RTMP (push) transport protocol.

We recommend using RTMP only when your camera does not support RTSP. With RTMP, the camera/encoder pushes the live stream to Ozolio Cloud even if there are no active viewers.

Camera vendors / Control drivers:

Most PTZ control protocols are proprietary.  If the camera specification declares PTZ control, please ensure you have selected the correct "Camera Type" in the Ozolio Dashboard.


If Ozolio Dashboard does not list your type of PTZ camera, then most likely we can not be able to provide the control functionality for your camera. In such a case, please select "Generic Web Camera" as your camera type to broadcast a live video without control functionality.

  • AXIS Communications  / "Axis PTZ (Generic)" driver

In most cases, the control protocol of AXIS Communications cameras is pretty standard. If the camera specification declares a PTZ control capability, you should be able to enable the "Camera Control" feature without problems.

  • SONY Corporation  "SONY PTZ (Generic)" driver

Control protocols of SONY cameras vary depending on the device type. If you can not control your SONY PTZ camera with the "SONY PTZ (Generic)" driver, you can also try to use "Sony SNC RH124" or "Sony SNC RZ25N".

  • Panasonic Corporation  "Panasonic PTZ (Generic)" driver

Control protocols of Panasonic cameras may vary depending on device type. If the vendor's device type includes "VW," please use the "Panasonic VW Series" driver. Otherwise, use the "Panasonic PTZ (Generic)" driver.

  • Teradek Wireless HD  "Teradek Cube Encoder" driver

Teradek's encoding devices do not provide any control functionality. However, we strongly recommend using the "Teradek Cube Encoder" driver for any such device to ensure a strong connection and proper Audio/Video synchronization.

  • Vivotek Inc.  "Vivotek PTZ (Generic)" driver

Both the drivers for "Vivotek PTZ (Generic)" and "Vovotek IP7371 Outdoor" cameras demonstrate good results with various Vivotek cameras.

  • Dahua Technology /  "Dahua PTZ (Generic)" driver

Control protocols of Dahua cameras may vary depending on device type. Please let us know if "Dahua PTZ (Generic)" driver does not work properly for your camera.

  • Swann Technology /  "Swann PTZ (Generic)" driver

Unfortunately, the "Swann PTZ (Generic)" driver does not demonstrate good compatibility. At this time, the status of this driver is "deprecated."

  • Canon Inc. "Canon PTZ (Generic)" driver

Currently, we can guarantee stable control functionality with the Canon VB C50/Canon VB C60 cameras only.


If you could not find the appropriate driver for your camera in Ozolio Dashboard, please contact If we do not have a driver for your camera, we can help you to configure your camera without PTZ control.









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