How to add your camera to the Ozolio Cloud

The procedure of adding your camera into the Ozolio Cloud consists of the following steps:

1. Ensure your camera is accessible from the outside internet.

In most cases, the camera/device is assigned to an internal IP address that is not accessible from the outside internet. Even though you can access the camera backend from your browser on the internal network, it does not mean Ozolio's service can access it externally. For more information, please take a look at our article about Camera availability and port forwarding.

2. Add your camera to your Ozolio account.

  • In the "Camera Information" form:
    • Enter "Camera Name". This property does not affect connection and can be changed later.
    • Select "Camera Type".  This property is important. Incorrect camera type may prevent Ozolio from accessing your camera. Please take a look at "Supported formats, protocols, and cameras".
    • Press "ADD CAMERA", then press "OK" in the confirmation dialog.
  • On the "Camera Settings" page:
    • Expand the "General Setting" section.
    • Check the "Camera Enabled" check-box.
    • Enter camera host-name or external IP address into the "Camera Host" field.
    • Enter camera credentials into the "Camera Login"/"Camera Password" fields.

IMPORTANT: Ozolio's service uses camera credentials to access MJPEG/RTSP streams and send PTZ commands to your camera. We do not share your camera credentials with any 3rd party.

    • If your camera is using an HTTP port other than 80 (default):
      • Expand "General Settings > Advanced Options".
      • Enter the new HTTP port.
    • If your camera supports MJPEG:
      • Expand "Motion JPEG" sections.
      • Make sure that the "Motion JPEG Enabled" check-box is checked.
    • If your camera supports video streaming:
      • Expand the "Video Streaming" section.
      • Ensure the "Streaming Enabled" check-box is checked.
    • If your camera is using an RTSP port other than 554 (default):
      • Expand the "Video Streaming > Advanced Options".
      • Enter the new "Stream Port".
    • Scroll down and press SAVE CHANGES.

3. Ensure Ozolio can access your camera.

  • Go to CAMERAS.
  • Find your camera.
  • Make sure that the STATUS column is indicating "Idle" or "Active" status.
  • Press "Viewer" and make sure you can see your live stream online.

4. How to optimize the camera performance and quality of the video stream.

Today, most modern cameras are capable of streaming a high-resolution video. However, when it comes to the optimal configuration for online streaming, setting the camera to maximal resolution is not always the best approach.  There are many other factors to be considered in order to get maximal performance of your camera. For more information please take look at our article about video quality and bandwidth requirements.


If you have completed the procedure above, however, Ozolio's service can not connect to your camera, please take a look at "Advanced streaming and troubleshooting" or contact



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