Event Publishing pre-requisites and requirements

To publish Live Events, your camera should support HD streaming (H.264). See more information about supported streaming formats here. If 'Video Streaming' and 'Event Publishing' features are not presented under your camera settings, this means that your camera does not support HD streaming. The other possible reason for the problem is the 'Camera Type' selected in 'General Settings' is incorrect.  Be aware that changing your 'Camera Type' may result in the inability to stream your live feed. Please contact for assistance before making any changes.

Before publishing a Live Event, please ensure the following:

  • 'Video Streaming' is enabled under camera settings.


  • The 'Event Publishing' feature is enabled. See more information here.
  • The camera state is 'Active' or 'Idle'. If the camera is 'Down', the Live Event can not be published.

Please note that some streaming services may have special requirements.  If you have met all conditions listed above but still can not publish a Live Event, please contact

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