Troubleshooting Facebook Live problems

The integration of Ozolio with Facebook Live involves complex technological workflows on both sides. Therefore it is essential to meet all the requirements and ensure that the software you are using is up to date and fully functional. Please see the list of requirements and known issues below:


Ozolio Dashboard and Camera Settings:

- Before publishing a Live Event, please ensure your camera settings meet all the common Prerequisites and Requirements.

- Please ensure your camera streams H.264 with 15-30 Frames Per Second (FPS). This is one of Facebook's requirements that often causes an issue with publishing a Live Event.  If you are streaming the video from an AXIS Communications camera:

  • Open the native camera backed
  • Open Setup > Basic Setup > Video Stream
  • Under "Maximum frame rate," select "Limited to"
  • Enter a number between 15 and 30 into edit-box
  • Press "Save"

IMPORTANT: To adjust the frame rate for other camera types, please follow instructions from the "User Manual" supplied by the manufacturer.


Facebook Software Requirements:

  • Please ensure your browser is up to date and does not contain any Add-Ons or plugins that may block Facebook and HTML5/Flash video components.
  • Facebook Publishing Tools require the latest Flash plugin to be installed in your browser. Even if you have the Flash plugin, please ensure the installed version is the latest one available. You can download the latest version of the Adobe Flash plugin from
  • Please ensure your internet provider and/or company firewall does not prevent you from watching videos on Facebook. If you can not watch a preview of your live stream,  Facebook Live will never enable the "Go Live" button.


Facebook Security Requirements.

  • Make sure that the 'Publishing Tools" tab is available on the Facebook Page menu.


  • If your Facebook Page is listed as a Business Page, make sure your page is verified.




  • Open 'Page > Settings > Page Roles' and ensure you have at the minimum an 'Editor' role.


IMPORTANT: This rule also applies to Business Manager profiles. 


  • There is a known bug within the Facebook Live API that prevents automatic publishing of Live Events to pages linked to Facebook Business Manager. If your Facebook Page is linked to Facebook Business Manager, please use Publishing Method #2.


If you have met all conditions listed above and still can not publish a Live Event to Facebook, please contact




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