Camera availability and port forwarding.

Before connecting your camera to Ozolio's service please ensure the following:

  • The camera is powered up and connected to a network.
  • The camera is accessible from the external network (internet).

In most cases the camera/device is assigned to an internal IP address that is not accessible from the outside internet. Even though you can access the camera backend from your browser on the internal network, it does not mean Ozolio's service can access externally.  If the camera's IP address starts from 192.168. or 10.0. or 172.16., then the camera is accessible inside your private network only. See more information regarding private networks here

In order to ensure your camera is accessible, please forward the the required network ports from the camera to an external static IP address. The port forwarding procedure depends on a type of front-end device that provide internet to your office or home.

Please review the diagram below for a better understanding of port-forwarding purpose and logic:




Even though all routers are different, the common procedure consists of the following steps.

  • Use or a similar service to detect your current external IP address. Please note that you should open the service webpage using a computer that is located in the same sub-network as your camera.
  • Call your Internet Service Provider and make sure that this IP address is static (will never change).
  • Determine the IP address and credentials of your router. Most Internet Service Providers can provide this information for you. 
  • Open your router's backend in a web browser and locate "Port Forwarding." If you can not find this section, we recommend performing an internet search using your router type and "port forwarding" keywords.
  • Add port-forwarding rules for:
    • HTTP port (if applicable). The default HTTP port for most cameras is 80.
    • RTSP port (if applicable). The default RTSP port for most cameras is 554.
  • Ensure the port forwarding works correctly. To do this, try to open the following address in your browser:


You should be able to access backend of your camera, using the external IP address.

If you have completed all the procedure above and can still not connect your cameras to Ozolio's service, please contact





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