How to publish a Live Event to YouTube

Before publishing a Live Event to YouTube for the first time:

- Check the 'Event Publishing' prerequisites and requirements.

- If you want to publish a Live Event to a YouTube account you manage, make sure to meet all YouTube Requirements:

YouTube Publishing Method:

  • Log in to your profile at
  • Open 'PUBLISHERS' tab (link at the top of the page)
  • Click on '+ Add Publisher' (blue link on the right of the screen) to add a new publisher:
  • In the 'Publisher Name' give the publisher a name.
  • In the 'Default Provider' select 'YouTube'.
  • Select the camera you are wanting to Publish on YouTube in 'Default Camera'
  • Press 'Add Publisher'.



 IMPORTANT: do not create a new publisher every time you want to publish a live event - any publisher created will be saved and can be re-used in the future. 

  • In the list of publishers, press 'Start Broadcast' for the camera you want to stream.



  • Select YouTube under 'Provider' and press 'Next'.
  • Select the 'Broadcast Type' you want to use on YouTube.



TEMPORARY: Live Event that is time-limited (4 hours max). After the time-limit, the Live Event will automatically stop and YouTube will replace the broadcast with the recorded video.


PERSISTENT: This broadcast is not time-limited. The YouTube URL that represents broadcast will be always active. Selecting the 'Persistent Feed' broadcast type will bring up a custom title and scheduling options.

IMPORTANT: Only one persistent broadcast is allowed to run per YouTube channel. Configuring two persistent publishers to stream on the same channel at the same time will not work. 

  • After configuring Broadcast Type', click 'Go Live'.
  • Open your YouTube Channel or YouTube URL and verify your Live Event has been published.


If you did not succeed with the method above, please contact


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