How to authorize / restrict domains


To allow your Ozolio Live Stream to be embedded and shared on your own website or another website you have authorized, you will need to make the appropriate adjustments:

You can select your desired criteria for Embedding Policy and Directory Mode.


Embedding and Privacy

  • Allowed domains and directory means that the stream can be embedded into Ozolio Public Directory and any owner's domains.
  • Only domains allowed by owner means that the stream can be embedded into domains allowed by-owner only.
  • Embed anywhere without limits means that no restrictions will be applied.


Allowed Domain           

If you select “Any Domain,” anyone has the ability to embed your stream on their site. By using “Selected Domains,” you can manually enter your chosen domains in the box below. Any domain not included in this list will not have access to sharing your stream.


You can add or delete any entries at any time.


Directory Mode

The "Directory Mode" option determines how your stream will appear in Ozolio Public Directory.


Please make sure to scroll to the bottom and select “Save Changes” when finished. 


If you have completed the procedure above and continue to experience issues, contact

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