How to add a call to action overlay to the player.


What is a call-to-action? 

A call to action (CTA) is a text or image that contains links to other content or offers on your site. Depending on the content's goal, these CTAs can drive a variety of different actions such as promoting donation requests, booking specials, and upcoming events. 

To add a call-to-action overlay to your player, you will first need to create a new embedded code.

How do I generate embed code?

  • Navigate to:
  • Login to the client dashboard with your username and password. If you forgot your password, or need to reset it, follow our Help Center instructions here.
  • In the dashboard, click 'CAMERAS'.
  • Find the camera that you would like to generate embed code for and under 'ACTIONS', click 'Create embed-code'.


The embed code 'Viewer' window is where you can modify any of the settings which will affect the player and therefore the embed code. 

Scroll down to Overlay and select "show overlay image." Here you can add an image overlay and link, as well as adjust the aspect ratio and positioning on the player.

    • To add an image, select 'Browse' to choose from your existing media library or upload a logo using the gray “Upload” button.
    • In the 'Link to' field enter a URL that viewers will be directed to if they click on the logo.
    • Anchors affect the relative corner in which the logo will be placed.
    • Offset position adjusts how far into the player the logo will be placed.
    • Overlay Size can be adjusted to decrease the logo size if you upload a logo that may be too large.
    • Opacity can be adjusted to make the logo more or less transparent.


  • Once you have finalized the overlay positioning and checked the links, click the gray 'APPLY CHANGES' button at the bottom of the 'Viewer' screen to generate the embed code. 
  • Keep in mind applying changes in the embed code generator does not change the live player on your website. 
  • A new code will generate in the gray 'Embed Code' box at the bottom of the page. Copy this new embed code and paste it on your website to integrate the Ozolio player into your website.


For more information about generating an Embed Code, please review the following article: 

How do I generate embed code?

For more information about Media Channel configuration, please review the following article: 

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If you have completed the procedures above and continue to experience issues, contact

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