Troubleshooting your webcam connection

Has your webcam stopped streaming? You can run diagnostics right on the Ozolio Dashboard to troubleshoot your webcam.

How to run webcam diagnostic?

  • Navigate to:
  • In the dashboard, click 'CAMERAS'.
  • Find the camera that you would like to run diagnostics for and click on 'ACTIONS',
  • Then click 'Run diagnostic tool'.

Result 1: Ozolio could not connect to a streaming source.


Troubleshooting Tips: 
  • If Ozolio could not connect to any streaming source, this is commonly a result of your webcam losing its connection to its power source or internet connection (or both). Thus Ozolio can not connect to it. Please ensure that you have access to both power and the internet.
  • If Ozolio could not connect to a particular streaming source (Video or MJPEG), please make sure that the webcam address is correct and appropriated ports are forwarded properly. For more information, see 'Camera availability and port forwarding.'
  • It can take time to troubleshoot the issue and may require collaboration, ordering, or visiting the site of the camera. We recommend when your camera is down to enable the media channel feature located on your Ozolio dashboard. You can still use the embedded player on your website to rotate content, like static images or videos for your viewers to see. The following link provides examples.


Result 2: Webcam is operational.


If you were not able to resolve the issue, please contact our support team at


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