How to generate and manage embed code

To embed the Ozolio Player into a webpage, you will need to generate embed code. The embed code should be copied to the webpage code.


How to access the Embedding Manager?

  • Log in to your profile at
  • In the dashboard, click “CAMERAS.”
  • Find the camera that you would like to generate embed code for.
  • Under "ACTIONS," click "Manage embedding".

What is the Embedding Site?

The "Embedding Manager" allows you to create a unique embed code for a specific web page or a website. For example, if you have two websites and want to embed the Ozolio player on both sites, using different settings, you can add two "Embedding Sites." Each "Embedding Site" will have a unique embed code and set of parameters.




How to embed the code into my website?

  • Click on the "Embed Code" button or "More" tab.
  • Copy the preferred code you want to embed on the website.



How to manage the code after embedding?

You can preview your changes with different player sizes before publishing them to your website.

  • Preview Size - Change the size of the player in the embed code preview.
  • Preview - Apply your changes to the player in the embed code preview.
  • Publish - Save changes you made and publish them on your website.




  • Name Text: By default, the player will use a name specified in the camera settings. To change the name, select "Custom" and enter a custom name.
  • Name Link: Add a click link URL to your "Name Text."
  • Desc. Text: By default, the player will use a description specified in the camera settings. To change the description, select "Custom" and enter a custom description.
  • Desc. Link: Add a click link URL to your "Desc. Text".



  • Toolbar Mode: Select the preferred toolbar mode:





Disable will hide the Tool Bar completely.


  • Buttons and Features: Select the preferred icons you want on the toolbar.



  • Home Link is an URL that will be invoked on click on the Home icon.
      • Default: Let the player select the Home Link automatically.
      • Custom: Specify a custom URL as the Home Link.
      • Hidden: Remove the Home Link from the toolbar.




  • Play video content automatically means your player will automatically stream when your viewer goes to your website rather than pressing play to see the webcam.
  • Mute audio output by default means that the player will start playing with the muted audio.
  • Enable Media Channel features means that feature is available to your viewers when your Media Channel is configured properly. You can also disable some media channel features such as preroll advertisement and the channel menu:



  • Select the control features you want available for your viewers' experience. This may be limited based on your camera's capabilities.




You can configure and enable up to 5 overlays. 

  • Use the "Select" box to select the overlay number. 
  • Check the "Overlay Enabled" box if you want the overlay to be visible.
  • Use the "Browse" button to upload and select the overlay image.
  • Add a custom click link using the "Link" edit box.
  • Adjust the position, size, and opacity of the overlay.
  • Click the "Preview" button to preview your changes.



Enable the weather forecast button and/or the on-screen widget.


Show weather forecast button 



Show current conditions widget




If you have completed the procedures above and continue to experience issues, contact


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