How to create a persistent broadcast on YouTube


This article explains how to create a persistent broadcast on YouTube. If you want to publish a temporary Live Event, please learn how to publish a Live Event on YouTube using a much easier method.


Unfortunately, our integrated YouTube Event Publisher can publish temporary events only. However, you can use a combination of YouTube Studio with the general-purpose Ozolio Publisher to start and manage a persistent broadcast.


Before publishing a live content on YouTube for the first time:

STEP 1: Schedule a persistent live broadcast using YouTube Studio:

  • In your YouTube home, click the logo at the top/right corner and select "YouTube Studio".



  • In the YouTube Studio, click "CREATE", then "Go Live".



  • In the Live Dashboard, select "Manage" and click "SCHEDULE STREAM".



  • On the next dialog, click "CREATE NEW".



  • Specify broadcast name, description, etc., and click "NEXT".



  • Customize advanced options, and click "NEXT".



  • Select the broadcast privacy, the start time, and click "DONE".

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that you set the start time to at least 5-15 min from now, otherwise some important broadcast options may not appear in the dashboard.




  • In the "STREAM SETTINGS", click "Select stream key" and select "Create new stream key".


  • Enter the new key name and click "CREATE"



  • Make sure that the "Enable auto-start" and "Enable auto-stop" options are off.

IMPORTANT: This condition is very important for persistent streaming.

  • Make sure that the "Stream latency" is set to "Normal latency".
  • Copy "Stream Key", "Stream URL" and "Backup URL" and paste them into any text editor. You will need these parameters later.


  • Do not close the YouTube Studio tab.


STEP 2: Create "Target URL" and "Backup URL" for the Ozolio Publisher.

In order to convert the information you copied from YouTube Studio into a format suitable for the Ozolio Publisher, you should merge both base URLs with the stream key via the forward-slash.


If you copied the following parameters from the YouTube Studio:

Stream Key:  xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

Stream URL: rtmp://

Backup URL: rtmp://


Then the information you need for the Ozolio Publisher is:

Target RTMP URL: rtmp://

Backup RTMP URL: rtmp://


STEP 3: Create and start the Ozolio Publisher.

  • Open a new tab and log in to your profile at
  • Go to "PUBLISHERS" and click "CREATE PUBLISHER".
  • On the next dialog box, enter the name, set the "Other" provider, and select the camera.



  • In the Publisher Settings, set the Broadcast Type to "Persistent Feed", then click "SAVE CHANGES" and "CLOSE".


  • Find the new publisher in the list and click "START BROADCAST".


  • On the next dialog box, click "NEXT".



  • On the next dialog box, enter "Target RTMP URL" and "Backup RTML URL", which you've created at STEP 2, and click "GO LIVE".



  • If the broadcast has been started successfully, you will see the following message:



STEP 4: Start the broadcast on YouTube.

  • Go back to the YouTube Studio tab.
  • Make sure that the preview panel shows your live stream.
  • Click the button "GO LIVE".


  • Make sure that your persistent broadcast went online.


If you did not succeed with the method above, please contact


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